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Grand Chamber judgment concerning Türkiye


In the case of Kavala v. Türkiye the Court held that there had been a violation of the Convention.

The case concerned a question referred to the ECHR by the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, which is responsible for supervising the enforcement of the ECHR’s judgments, as to whether the Republic of Türkiye has failed to fulfil its obligation to comply with the Chamber judgment delivered by the Court in the case of Kavala v. Turkey in 2019.

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Q&A – the Infringement Procedure of the ECHR

Country profile - Türkiye


Due to the interruption of the international postal services to and from the Russian Federation and where the only means of delivery of the Court’s decisions and judgments to the applicants is by post, the Court has exceptionally decided to notify the applicants about decisions and judgments adopted by its Chamber and Committee judicial formations after 1 March 2022 in respect of applications against the Russian Federation only via its HUDOC database.


  • Judgment concerning Italy

    Judgment concerning Italy

    In the case of Darboe and Camara v. Italy the Court held that there had been a violation of the right to respect for private and family life, of the prohibition of inhuman or degrading treatment and of the right to an effective remedy.

    The applicants in this case have arrived in Italy on makeshift vessels and claimed asylum as alleged unaccompanied minors. The case concerned their placement in an adult migrant centre and the age-assessment procedure that ensued.

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    Factsheet: Unaccompanied migrant minors in detention


Interim measures

  • Interim measures amended in cases concerning Poland


    The ECHR has decided to amend interim measures previously indicated in the cases of Wróbel v. Poland, Synakiewicz v. Poland, Niklas-Bibik v. Poland and Piekarska-Drążek v. Poland concerning four judges facing disciplinary proceedings and at risk of imminent suspension from their judicial functions.

    The Court has decided to amend the wording of the interim measure previously granted in the above cases which now covers any body competent under the domestic law to deal with the applicants’ cases.

    The Court took this decision in the light of new developments, namely that the Disciplinary Chamber of the Supreme Court referred to in the previous interim measure in the case of Wróbel v. Poland has recently been replaced by a new Chamber of Professional Responsibility of the Supreme Court (Izba Odpowiedzialności Zawodowej Sądu Najwyższego).

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    Factsheet: Interim measures

  • Interim measure refused concerning France

    Interim measure refused concerning France

    The Court has decided not to grant a request for interim measure in the case of Iquioussen v. France. The case concerns the deportation to Morocco of Mr Hassan Iquioussen, an imam living in France.

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    Factsheet: Interim measures

  • Interim measures refused concerning the United Kingdom

    Interim measures refused concerning the United Kingdom

    The Court has decided not to indicate interim measures in the case A.B. and Others v. the United Kingdom. The case concerned the withdrawal of life sustaining treatment from a 12-year-old boy, A.B., who suffered catastrophic hypoxic ischaemic brain injury in April 2022.

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    Factsheet: End of life and the European Convention

    Factsheet: Interim measures



Other Information

  • Country profiles

    Country profiles

    Country profiles containing data and information, broken down by individual State, on significant cases considered by the Court or currently pending before it, were updated on 28 July 2022.

    There is one country profile for each Council of Europe member State.

    Country profiles

    Facts and figures by State


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