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Press conference 2019

The Court will be holding its annual press conference on 24 January 2019. President Guido Raimondi will present a summary of the Court’s activities and its statistics for 2018.

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Press conference 2018

Speaking at the Court’s annual press conference on 25 January 2018, President Guido Raimondi reviewed the year 2017 and presented the statistics for the past year.

He referred in particular to the increase in the number of new cases, but said that a large number of applications had been declared inadmissible for failure to exhaust domestic remedies. In that connection the President reiterated the importance of the principle of subsidiarity, which requires applicants to exhaust national remedies before applying to the Court.

Press release

Speech by President Raimondi (in French only)


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Annual Report 2017

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Press conference 2017

Press Conference Opening of the Judicial Year 2018

Speaking at the annual press conference of the Court on 26 January 2017, President Guido Raimondi took stock of the year 2016 and reported that the volume of incoming cases, after falling over the previous two years, had considerably increased.  More info

Press conference 2016

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Speaking at the annual press conference of the Court on 28 January 2016, President Raimondi took stock of the year 2015 and described the situation generally as satisfactory.  More info


The press conference of the Court is held annually in January. On this occasion, the President presents the statistics of the past year and the major events that occurred during this period. He also responds to questions of journalists.

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