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Questions & Answers on cases and themes

The Press Service has compiled Questions & Answers on cases and themes on the Court’s case-law.


A.M. v. France (deportation to Algeria)

Bărbulescu v. Romania (surveillance at workplace)

Big Brother Watch and Others v. United Kingdom (secret surveillance)

Big Brother Watch and Others v. United Kingdom & Centrum för rättvisa v. Sweden (secret surveillance)

Bodein v. France (life sentences)

Delfi AS v. Estonia (liability for comments on Internet)

De Souza Ribeiro v. France* (inability to challenge removal order)

Ilias and Ahmed v. Hungary (asylum seekers)

Ireland v. United Kingdom (revision request)

M.N. and Others v. Belgium (visa application to an embassy's consular service)

Matelly v. France (trade unions in the armed forces)

Mennesson v. France and Labassee v. France* (gestational surrogacy)

Morice v. France (lawyer’s freedom of expression)

Mutu and Pechstein v. Switzerland (arbitration proceedings brought by athletes)

Paradiso and Campanelli v. Italy (gestational surrogacy)

Perinçek v. Switzerland (conviction for genocide denial)

Platini v. Switzerland (suspension from football-related professional activity)

Roman Zakharov v. Russia (secret surveillance)

Vavřička and Others v. the Czech Republic (compulsory childhood vaccination in the Czech Republic)

Vinci Construction and GMT génie civil et services v. France (inspections and seizures under competition law)

* available only in French