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COVID-19: Library is closed to external visitors until further notice

About the Library

The library of the Court is an international court library specialised in the European human rights system. Created in 1966 the library has built up an important fund of general human rights literature as well as items on other human rights systems. The majority of the material is in one of the two official languages, French and English, but there are also items in German, Italian, Spanish, Russian and other languages. The library serves primarily the Court and its Registry in their judicial and publishing activities. External researchers are also welcome to come and take advantage of the collection.


European Court of Human Rights
F-67075 Strasbourg cedex
Tel. :+33(0)
Fax :+33(0)

For an appointment please indicate your preferred date, and give an outline of your research topic. Online contact form


Opening Hours

Monday to Friday

10 a.m. - 5 p.m. 

Library closed to external visitors



COE staff have automatic access to the Library.
External visitors are kindly asked to take an


Holidays and Closures 2021




Human rights in times of illiberal democracies: liber amicorum in memoriam of Stavros Tsakyrakis

Festschrift published in memory of Stavros Tsakyrakis (1951-2018), who was a professor of constitutional law and prominent lawyer.

The book contains contributions by leading scholars on the topics of proportionality, freedom of expression, and values in democratic societies, all themes Tsakyrakis explored in his academic career.

Human rights in times of illiberal democracies : liber amicorum in memoriam of Stavros Tsakyrakis / [editorial committee : Lucy Kiousopoulou, Marialena Tsirli, Panayotis Voyatzis] = Ανθρώπινα δικαιώματα σε καιρούς ανελεύθερων δημοκρατιών : τιμητικός τόμος Σταύρος Τσακυράκης / [εκδοτική Επιτροπή Παναγιώτης Βογιατζής, Ελεούσα (Λούση) Κιουσοπούλου, Μαριαλένα Τσίρλη]. - Αθήνα : Νομική Βιβλιοθήκη, 2020. - xvi, 390 p. : ill. ; 25 cm. – ISBN : 9789606542039 (hbk.)


ECHR Building


Map of the Court

My first visit - what to do

  • Appointment – indicate your preferred date  and research topic when you contact us

  • Identification – present your passport/identity card at the entrance  and you will receive a day pass for the Library

  • Reading room – you will be escorted to the Library, where you have direct access to the collection

  • Facilities – there are lockers for your belongings, and free Wi-Fi

  • Cancellation – in case you cannot keep your appointment, please inform us

  • Call number plan
  • How to read call numbers
  • Library rules
  • Photocopies

The way to the library

You are welcomed by:

Genevieve WOODS - Head of the Library
(management, acquisitions, budget, thesaurus, cataloguing and indexing)
Alain HEISSERER – Deputy Head of the Library
(database administrator, inventory, New Acquisitions Bulletin, inter-library loans, cataloguing and indexing, pagemaster)
Yann SOUPPART - Librarian
(KS and SCN coordinator, loose-leaf updating, cataloguing and indexing)
Hyacinta DRAGANOVSKA - Librarian
(periodical registration, pre-cataloguing and indexing, statistics, secretariat)

Library Facts 2021

Area: 560m2 on 2 floors

Collection - Catalogue items: 68,000

Monographs: 29,000
Digital items: 750
Articles in periodicals: 25,000
Chapters in books: 9,500
Doctrines on the ECHR: 2,500
Current Periodicals: 131

Catalogue: Online catalogue

Language Coverage: Items in the collection are mainly in the two official languages: English and French - but other languages such as German, Italian etc. are also represented

Library System: SirsiDynix (USA) – Symphony 3.6.2.

Cataloguing Format: MARC 21

Cataloguing Rules: Anglo-American cataloguing rules. 2nd ed., 1998 revision

Transliteration Rules: ALA-LC romanization tables: transliteration schemes for non-roman scripts. 1997

Classification System: Classification decimale universelle. - 1990 with internal adaptions

Thesaurus: Internal keyword list

Staff: 4 librarians

Library Committee: 5 judges and 4 members of the Registry of the European Court of Human Rights

Former Heads of the Library:

Sigfrid BEIN – 1966-1999
Nora (Eleonora) BINDER – 1999-2001 (acting)
Nora (Eleonora) BINDER – 2002-2016