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New inter-State application brought by Ukraine against the Russian Federation

Human Rights Building


The Court has received a new inter-State application lodged by Ukraine against the Russian Federation. The application concerns allegations of an ongoing administrative practice by the Russian Federation consisting of targeted assassination operations against perceived opponents, in Russia and on the territory of other States.

The Ukrainian Government also allege an administrative practice by the Russian Federation of failing to investigate the killings and of deliberately mounting cover-up operations aimed at frustrating efforts to find the persons responsible.

Four inter-State applications lodged by Ukraine against Russia are currently pending before the Court.

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Inter-State applications



The French authorities have introduced a number of restrictions in the framework of the COVID-19 public-health crisis. The Court, while complying with the public-health measures adopted by our host State, in particular by prioritising teleworking and electronic communications, is continuing all its activities in accordance with the usual rules. Unlike during the previous lockdown periods, no special arrangements have been made in respect of procedures and time-limits. 

Grand Chamber

  • Relinquishment


    The Chamber to which the case Grzęda v. Poland had been allocated has relinquished jurisdiction in favour of the Grand Chamber.

    The case concerns a reform of the judiciary in Poland as a result of which the office of a Supreme Administrative Court judge elected to the National Council of the Judiciary was terminated before the end of his four-year term.
    There are currently 27 applications pending before the Court which raise issues relating to various
    aspects of the reform of the judicial system in Poland under laws that entered into force in 2017 and

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    Cases pending before the Grand Chamber

  • Judgment concerning Germany

    Judgment concerning Germany

    In the case of Hanan v. Germany, the Court has found that the investigation conducted by the German authorities into the death of the applicant’s sons fulfilled the obligation to conduct an effective investigation under the Convention and thus there has been no violation of Article 2 (right to life).

    The case concerned investigations carried out following the death of the applicant’s two sons in an airstrike in Afghanistan, in September 2009, ordered by a colonel of the German contingent of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) commanded by NATO.

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    Webcast of the hearing (26/02/2020)

    Country profile - Germany


Other Information

  • Third SCN Webinar

    Third SCN Webinar

    The third SCN webinar on the topic Hate speech and vulnerable groups took place on 12 February 2021.

    Presentations covered the ECHR approach of the subject, the current practice in the national legal systems and challenges thereof.

    Superior Courts Network

  • Overview 1959-2020

    Overview 1959-2020

    The document Overview 1959-2020 has been published on the Court’s dedicated web page.

    Overview 1959-2020

  • Facts & Figures 2020

    Facts & Figures 2020

    The document The ECHR in facts and figures 2020 has been published on the Court’s dedicated web page.

    Facts & Figures 2020


Interim measures

  • Request for interim measure in favour of Aleksey Navalnyy granted


    The ECHR grants an interim measure in favour of Aleksey Navalnyy and asks to the Government of Russia to release him.

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