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Handbook on European non-discrimination law

This handbook is a comprehensive guide to European non-discrimination law. It develops the related European case-law and covers the context and background to discrimination categories and the grounds protected, such as sex, disability, age, race and nationality.


English (2018) | English (adapted version to Azerbaijan)


Other languages:


Croatian (2018)

Czech (2018)


Dutch (2018)


Finnish (2018)

French (2018)


German (2018)

Greek (2018)

Hungarian (2018)

Italian (2018)

Korean (2018)


Lithuanian (2018)


Polish (2018)


Portuguese (2018)

Romanian (2018)



Slovak (2018)

Slovenian (2018)

Handbook on European law relating to asylum, borders and immigration

This handbook focuses on the legislation and case-law governing the situation of third-country nationals in Europe and covers a broad range of topics, including access to asylum procedures, forced returns, detention, restrictions on freedom of movement, and also questions related to migrants’ private and family life and their economic and social rights.


English (2020)


Other languages:

Handbook on European data protection law

This handbook aims to raise awareness and improve knowledge of data protection rules, in particular in the framework of the reforms carried out by the EU and the Council of Europe. It also presents hypothetical scenarios that serve as practical illustrations of the diverse issues encountered in this ever-evolving field.


English (2018)


Other languages:

Bulgarian (2018)

Croatian (2018)

Czech (2018)

Danish (2018)

Dutch (2018)

Estonian (2018)

Finnish (2018)

French (2018)

Georgian (2018)

German (2018)

Greek (2018)

Hungarian (2018)

Italian (2018)

Korean (2018)

Latvian (2018)

Slovak (2018)

Slovenian (2018)

Spanish (2018)


Ukrainian (2018)

Handbook on European law relating to the rights of the child

European law relating to the rights of the child;Introduction to European children’s rights law: context and ke;Basic civil rights and freedoms;Equality and non‑discrimination;Personal identity issues;Family life;Alternative care to family care and adoption;Child protection against violence and exploitation;Economic;social and cultural rights and adequate standard of living;Migration and asylum;Consumer and personal data protection;Children’s rights within criminal justice and alternative (non;Case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union;Case law of the European Court of Human Rights;Case law of the European Committee of Social Rights;Case law of national courts;ISBN 978-92-871-9917-1 (CoE);ISBN 978-92-9239-912-2 (FRA)

This handbook is a point of reference on both Council of Europe and European Union law related to the protection and promotion of children’s rights in Europe.


English (2022)



Other languages:

Handbook on European law relating to access to justice

This handbook summarises key access to justice principles, drawing on a wide body of European law and jurisprudence.





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