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Information for applicants

Procedure before the ECHR

Depending on the case, applications are allocated to one of the Court’s judicial formations, namely:

  • a single judge
  • a Committee
  • a Chamber

Processing of cases before the Court

My application to the Court

Procedure after communication

Communication is the notification of the application to the respondent Government.

Procedure following communication of an application

State of proceedings

The search engine SOP - State of Proceedings - allows anyone to find out what stage has been reached in the proceedings concerning an application.

Search for a case

Submitting pleadings

Guidelines on submitting pleadings following simplified communication

To be read together with the Practice direction issued by the President of the Court in accordance with Rule 32 of the Rules of Court.

Electronic filing

eComms - Communication with the Court

eComms is a tool enabling applicants’ representatives to communicate with the Court by electronic means. This method of sending and receiving documents electronically may be put in place at the Court’s initiative only at the procedural stage of communication, i.e. when the application has been communicated to the respondent Government and when observations are requested.