Grand Chamber hearing concerning Belgium


The Court held a Grand Chamber hearing in the case of V. M. and Others v. Belgium.

The Case concerns the reception conditions of a family of Serbian nationals seeking asylum in Belgium. Following an order to leave the country and despite their appeals against the measure, the applicants were left without basic means of subsistence and were obliged to return to their country of origin, where their severely disabled child died.

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Factsheet: Roma and Travellers

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Official Visits

  • Visit by the Défenseur des droits, France

    Visit by the Défenseur des droits, France

    On 26 May 2016, President Guido Raimondi met Jacques Toubon, French Défenseur des droits. Patrick Titiun, Head of the Office of the President, also attended the meeting.

  • Visit of Minister of Justice of Monaco

    Visit of Minister of Justice of Monaco

    On 20 May 2016, Philippe Narmino, Minister Plenipotentiary, Director of Judicial Services, President of the Conseil d’État of Monaco, visited the Court and was received by President Guido Raimondi. Philippe Narmino was accompanied by Didier Linotte, President of the Supreme Court, Jean-Pierre Dumas, President of the Court of Revision, and Brigitte Grinda-Gambarini, President of the Court of Appeal. The delegation also met the Director General of DG Human Rights and Rule of Law, Philippe Boillat, and had talks with other Council of Europe bodies including CEPEJ and the CPT. Stephanie Mourou-Vikström, judge elected in respect of Monaco and Roderick Liddell, Registrar, also took part.