Superior Courts Network


The Superior Courts Network (SCN) was created by the ECHR to ensure the effective exchange of information, with the national superior courts, on Convention case-law and related information.

The shared responsibility of the ECHR and national courts for the implementation of the Convention was the central theme of the Brussels Conference. It is through ongoing dialogue that the implementation of the Convention will be enhanced. The SCN provides a forum for this dialogue.

The President of the ECHR has entrusted the management of the SCN to the Jurisconsult. Under his supervision, the SCN continues to develop and is becoming a broad and effective exchange network.

Latest news

  • New members


    The SCN welcomes five new members: the Georgian Constitutional Court, the Armenian Court of Cassation, the Dutch High Court for Trade and Industry, the Ukrainian Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court of Poland, which brings the membership of the SCN to 43 courts from 27 States.

    Superior Courts Network – Member Courts


Principles and rules

The guiding principles of the SCN are set out in its Charter, which is accepted by each superior court on joining the Network. The Jurisconsult has also drawn up the Network’s Operational Rules, which will be developed in consultation with the SCN member superior courts.

Introduction to the Superior Courts Network

Launch of the Superior Courts Network (October 2015)

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Member Courts

Expressions of interest

A court wishing to join the Network should write to the President of the ECHR.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any other questions concerning the Network may be submitted via the request form.

Exchange tool

The ECHR and member superior courts exchange information on a secure website, access to which is restricted to SCN member courts.

Secured site (access restricted to members)

Superior Courts Network